Your Soul. Your Sound®.

Inspired instruments from the world’s finest flute makers. Impeccable service from Florida’s only Straubinger certified repair facility. Welcome to Florida Flutes®.

You’ve spent countless hours surfing the internet and spoken to what seems to be a million people about the perfect flute. And yet with all that information, you’re no closer to a decision than you were before you started.

You’d love to be able to play the best flutes side-by-side to make a decision, but that’s almost impossible to do and the options that do exist are impractical; until now…

Finally, Florida has a dedicated flute shop and repair facility dedicated to you,  the discriminating flautist.  Now teachers and students can audition the flutes that will take them to the next level in an environment that allows the instruments to sing.  Now players have a place they can call home, close to home, and never worry about who is handling their instrument or if it will get lost or damaged in shipping.

Florida Flutes’® Promise

Our promise is simple; give you the opportunity to play the finest selection of flutes in an atmosphere that is professional and respectful of your time.  Each flute is backed by the most comprehensive,  nationwide guarantee, by Florida’s only service center with 2 Straubinger Certified technicians.

Florida Flutes'® Selection Process

Once you step into the Florida Flutes® showroom you’ll be greeted by warm woods that surround an incredible selection of flutes designed to optimize your talents. This is where you belong, among the brands you’ve longed to play such as Powell, Haynes, Emerson, Altus, Sonare, Azumi, Yamaha and more.

If you know what you want, we’ll go right to those instruments and have you play them immediately. However, if you want more information about how the different flutes compare we will provide those explanations and give you the flutes to audition. Bottom line: you’re in control of the selection process, you can try all of the flutes you desire and you can take as much time as you need. Plus, we welcome teachers to accompany their students to help make this important decision.

Once you’ve selected your flute, we’ll give you a two week, no-risk, in-home audition to determine if it is the right flute for you. If you say it is not the right instrument, bring it back and you can exchange it for a different instrument or get a full refund.*

Florida Flutes’® Service Guarantee

Our commitment to quality begins before you ever enter our doors. As new flutes arrive from the manufacturers, our Straubinger Certified service technicians carefully inspect each flute.

This crown-to-foot inspection includes readjusting any misaligned keys, spring tension correction, key height regulation and anything else that requires adjustment.