The Florida Flute® Service Team


mark We understand that sending your flute out for service can make you nervous; nervous that your prized instrument will be lost, damaged or will need further adjustment because your flute got tossed around in shipping. These are valid concerns.

This is why Florida Flutes® has a secluded service area dedicated to your instrument within All County Music’s state of the art repair department. Here, our Straubinger Certified and factory authorized technicians utilize the latest tools designed for pad replacement, dent removal, tone hole refacing and adjustments.

You’ll have options.  You can bring your flute directly or mail it to us,  then you will be able to consult with the technician in person or on the phone. At pick up, you can have the technician make any minute adjustments to get the perfect feel.

Whether it’s an overhaul or an oil, adjust and clean servicing, rest assured our technicians will be able to improve your play.